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Hotronix® Dual Air FUSION IQ® Heat Press

Hotronix® Dual Air FUSION IQ® Heat Press

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More production, increased efficiency.

With two heat printing stations, the Dual Air Fusion IQ heat press increases efficiency by allowing threading and layout on one station while the other is being pressed. It's perfect for high-volume operations and for DTG printing – set one station for pre-treatment, the other for post-curing.

Efficiency reaches new heights with the Dual Air Fusion ProPlace IQ™. Upload your artwork to the Hotronix® Cloud and, with a single click, project your design onto the lower platen for precise print placement using its patented projection alignment system.

  • New Fusion IQ™ controller with larger, higher-resolution screen, plus troubleshooting and self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Generate performance reports and manage users online with the new Hotronix Online Portal
  • Program each station to work independently or in unison with Position-Based Recipe printing
  • Ensure accurate and consistent layout with the included Laser Alignment System with standard Dual Air Fusion IQ®
  • Experience unmatched precision, speed, and efficiency with the Dual Air Fusion ProPlace IQ™ patented projection alignment system
  • Dual Quick Change 16" 20" lower platens (additional platens available separately)
  • Full Threadability™ on lower platens: position the garment, rotate, and decorate any area
  • Auto Adjust Pressure™: Set four different time and pressure settings that adjust automatically for your recipe
  • Digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts
  • Operates in full-auto, semi-auto, or manual modes
  • Smooth, quiet rodless transmission
  • Touchscreen stores frequently used settings, production cycle counter, and auto on/off capability
  • 120 PSI for heavy-pressure application
  • Die pressure cast, corrosion-free base and assemblies
  • Requires air compressor (not included) with minimum: 1 horsepower and 8-gallon hold tank. Uses 3.8 CFM
  • 240 v; 15 amps; 3500 w
  • Must have dedicated circuit breaker
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Actual weight: 260 lbs.
  • Ship weight: 410 lbs.
  • Actual dim. 38” x 38” x 26”
  • Ship dim. 45” x 45” x 35”
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